Niğde Soda Water – Niğde

Niğde Soda Water

Uludağ comes immediately to one’s mind when one says soda water but there is that soda water which you will sure think that it can replace the famous Uludağ soda water after tasting it: The indispensable soda water, Niğde Soda Water.

Niğde Soda Water
Niğde Soda Water

The soda water produced in Niğde is bought and brought in numerous wooden boxes when you travel back from Niğde. The soda water bottle where the Niğde Castle is seen on the bottle cap and on the label, contains this soda water without any glucose syrup, with less sugar and raspberry flavor. If you are one of those persons who does not enjoy drinking soda water, you should give this a try to settle your stomach. Even though the company is not that active in making advertisements, Niğde Soda Water gaining a special place with its unique taste has started to be found in many shops and restaurants.

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