Tazele Kanyon/İstanbul

ıslama Chicken

In 2015, the famous chef Civan Er’s brand new idea Tazele has taken its place in Kanyon Shopping Mall. The restaurant has a menu that doesn’t make you tired and the major foods are ıslama chicken, Antakya way meat pasty with yoghurt, aubergine and meat. Foods are suitable for Turkish taste and there you can take a salad with garden rocket which is also wonderful.

Antakya Meat Pasty with Yoghurt
Antakya Meat Pasty with Yoghurt


Salad with Garden Rocker
Salad with Garden Rocker

The place has a decoration that has plain marbles and the iznik pottery is both used for its design and for paper plates which they use for serving. In the place where the ambiance is elegant and bright and personnels are good humored, the prices are also quite reasonable.

Tazele Kanyon
Tazele Kanyon

Antakya Meat Pasty with Yoghurt and Meat 17 Turkish Liras
Antakya Meat Pasty with Yoghurt and Aubergine 16 Turkish Liras
Islama Chicken 15 Turkish Liras
Salad with Garden Rocker 12 Turkish Liras for big, 5 Turkish Liras for small.

If you ever go from the way of Kanyon, you should stop by at Tazele and refresh yourself where you can eat something fast and delicious.

Addressi : Kanyon AVM, Kat -2, Esentepe Mahallesi, Büyükdere Caddesi, No 185 Beşiktaş – İstanbul

Phone : +90 212 3535052

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